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Hose is not cheap, yet time after time people hoist, suspend and manipulate their hose with inferior products. Hosebun is the absolute best hose suspension device in the world, we know because our customers tell us. In addition to extending the life of your hose, a Hosebun will prevent it from kinking / becoming compromised. Kinked or damaged hose can be dangerous or even fatal.

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Fuelgear is a market leader in the supply of petroleum fuel and lubrication equipment & the exclusive Distributor of TCS meters in Australia.

We are proud to supply the industry's leading brands to clients all over the world, and of course to our loyal Australian customers.

If your requirement is for storage of grease, lubricant, or petrol we have the answer! If your requirement is for pump equipment, spill containment or waste oil storage then we have the answer too! Read our blog....