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Fuel Spill Kits

Fuelgear is proud to be at the forefront of providing specialised spill management solutions, catering to the unique needs of handling AdBlue spills. Understanding the critical nature of AdBlue as a highly corrosive fluid, we offer an exclusive range of AdBlue Fuel Spill Kits that are tailored for immediate and effective spill response.

As the trusted provider in Australia, our AdBlue Spill Kits exemplify our commitment to excellence in fuel spill kits, oil and fuel spill kit, and fuel spill containment kit solutions, ensuring unparalleled safety and efficiency in spill management.
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Our AdBlue Spill Kit Range

Fuelgear introduces the BLUEQUIP AdBlue® Spill Kit series, ensuring you have the right fuel spill containment kits for AdBlue spills of any size:

Why Fuel Spill Kits are Essential

AdBlue, while crucial for reducing emissions in diesel engines, poses a significant risk if spilled. Our AdBlue spill kits are essential for:

  • Safety: Immediate containment of spills to prevent injuries or environmental harm.
  • Compliance: Ensuring your operations meet regulatory standards for handling hazardous materials.
  • Efficiency: Quick and effective spill response to minimise operational disruptions.

Features of Our AdBlue Fuel Spill Containment Kits

Each of our AdBlue spill kits comes equipped with:

  • Loose Absorbents and Pads: For quick absorption of spills.
  • Brooms and Clean-Up Utensils: To manage the spill area effectively.
  • Gloves and Waste Bags: For safe cleanup and disposal.
  • Clear Instructions: Ensuring proper use and maximising the effectiveness of the spill kit.

Why Choose Fuelgear for Your AdBlue Spill Management?

  • Dedicated Solutions: Fuelgear’s AdBlue Spill Kits are the first and only AdBlue-approved fuel spill kits in Australia, designed specifically for AdBlue containment.
  • Expert Support: With Fuelgear, you can access industry-leading expertise and support for all your spill management needs.
  • Comprehensive Range: Our variety of kit sizes ensures you have the exact solution for the scale of spill you’re managing.

Be Ready With Comprehensive Fuel Spill Containment Kits

Regarding fuel management and environmental safety, taking proactive steps to manage spills is not just an operational necessity—it’s a commitment to sustainability and safety. With Fuelgear’s innovative AdBlue Fuel Spill Kits, you’re equipped with Australia’s first and only AdBlue-approved solution tailored to meet the specific challenges of AdBlue spill containment. 

Opting for Fuelgear’s expertly developed fuel spill kit, oil and fuel spill kit, and fuel spill containment kit solutions places you among an elite group of enterprises at the forefront of environmental stewardship and operational distinction. Rely on Fuelgear to defend your operations, team, and the environment.

Explore Our Range Of Products

At Fuelgear, we take pride in offering a comprehensive selection of fuel management solutions designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From ensuring a clean fuel supply to providing reliable storage options, our product range is meticulously curated to enhance the efficiency and safety of your operations. Dive into our specialised offerings:

Fuel Tank Filters

Our fuel tank filters are engineered for precision and durability, ensuring your fuel supply remains clean and contaminant-free. Ideal for various applications, these filters help extend the life of your machinery and reduce maintenance costs by safeguarding against impurities.

Diesel Tanks

Diesel tanks from Fuelgear are built to the highest standards of quality and safety. Available in various sizes and designs, including portable options and self-bunded tanks, they provide secure, compliant storage solutions for diesel fuel. Whether for stationary or on-the-go fueling needs, our diesel tanks store your fuel efficiently and safely.

AdBlue Fuel Tank

Our AdBlue fuel tanks are specifically designed for the storage and dispensing of AdBlue, a key component in reducing emissions from diesel engines. With a focus on compliance and durability, these tanks ensure that AdBlue is maintained in optimal condition, preventing contamination and facilitating easy access for refuelling operations.
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