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Diesel Hose Reels

Australia’s Preferred Suppliers of Fuel Hose Reels

Equip your business with the tools you need to succeed. Fuelgear has been outfitting Australian enterprise with high-quality air, water and fuel hose reels for more than a decade, helping corporate fleets around the country make their operations more effective.

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The perfect choice for Australian industry

With few exceptions, refuelling is the most common servicing item a corporate vehicle will undergo. Ensuring that this operation can be completed in as short a time as possible by improving your refuelling infrastructure can have a significant positive impact on the efficiency your company’s operations. A simple-to-operate hose reel can help your technical staff complete refuelling operations faster and safer, so take a look at our range and discover how we can support you.

We work closely with reputable suppliers and manufacturers to deliver the highest-quality products at a price point that sits within every organisation’s budget. If you’re considering outfitting your business with the best refuelling equipment, start a conversation with our team to find out how we can assist.

A range of options to support your operations

Fuelgear offers a broad selection of fuel hose reels for sale to suit every business’ needs. With capability for floor, wall, roof and tank mounting, maintenance areas of every size and shape can be enhanced by one of our reels. Durable, sturdy construction makes them ideal for use in the most challenging environments and demanding applications such as in mine workshops, fleet service vehicles, mobile lube trucks or large service equipment.

Offered as both hand crank and motorised reels, our selection of reels helps to make everyday maintenance operations faster and safer. Models suiting large volume delivery systems are available.

Combine our reels with a HOSEBUN hose hanger and ensure that your fuel hose is accessibly and safely stored wherever it’s mounted.

Get a quote through our website today, or contact Fuelgear on 1300 351 601 or via email at sales@fuelgear.com.au.

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