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HOSEBUN Hose Hangers

Australian Distributors of HOSEBUN Hose Hangers

How many times have you seen a hose being hung by a piece of chain or a rugged steel bracket making it ineffective and unsafe.

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The new HOSEBUN is a patented urethane hose saddle designed to properly suspend hoses. Used for cradling hose within various industrial, commercial sites and applications including the petrochemical industry, oil and gas drilling applications, hi-hose refuelling stations, overland and offshore shipping and transportation settings, military and aircraft refuelling depots.

HOSEBUN is an affordable solution to kinking and unsafe hoisting, keeping your workers safer and your equipment in better condition. A one-time payment ensures that your hose is always where you need it to be without the risk of damage. Speak to a Fuelgear representative to find out how the range of HOSEBUN products for sale could enhance your operations.

Enhancing the longevity of your industrial hose

Available in a range of sizes suiting hoses up to 12 inches in diameter, HOSEBUN is a versatile solution for businesses working with a range of equipment. HOSEBUN is an efficient, low-cost and effective solution for keeping your hose hoisted safely and conveniently without exceeding its maximum bending radius. You’ll extend the life of individual sections of hose, minimise kinks and allow your employees to work more efficiently when you choose the HOSEBUN, available from Fuelgear. HOSEBUN can be affixed to everything from walls to ceilings, fuel tanks and vehicles, making proper storage easier than ever.

Supporting companies across Australia

Fuelgear makes it simple to outfit your operation with high-quality equipment. Experts in fuel and lubrication equipment and systems, we provide a range of products designed to make your work more efficient, accurate and effective, covering everything from motorised hose reels to flow meters.

Make the right choice for your business. Consider how the Fuelgear range can support your operations and get a quote today. Contact us through our website or call us directly on 1300 351 601 and our knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

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