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Air-Operated Transfer Pump Solutions

At Fuelgear, we are proud to supply superior air-operated pump solutions, including air-driven pumps, air-operated transfer pumps and air-operated fluid transfer pumps. Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures that businesses across various industries have access to the best fluid transfer solutions on the market.

Fuelgear’s range of air-operated transfer pumps represents the pinnacle of fluid transfer technology. With a focus on safety, efficiency, and reliability, we are here to support your business’s operational needs. Discover the difference quality makes by exploring our extensive selection of air-operated pump solutions today.
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Graco Husky Air-Driven Diesel Transfer Pumps

In our collection, you’ll find the acclaimed Graco Husky range of air-driven pumps, featuring 12 versatile options to suit various applications. Available in sizes from 3/4″ to 3″, these pumps are adept at handling both diesel and petrol, providing a flexible solution for your fuel transfer needs.

RAASM Air-Operated Fluid Transfer Pumps

We also offer a selection of RAASM air-operated fluid transfer pumps, with five different models ranging from 3/4″ to 2″. These RAASM pumps are notable for their ATEX Certification, qualifying them for use in demanding scenarios like high humidity or explosive environments. This certification highlights our commitment to delivering solutions that emphasise safety and regulatory compliance under challenging conditions.

Why Fuelgear is the Go-To Choice for Air-Operated Transfer Pump Solutions

Our extensive selection is designed to meet a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial needs, ensuring you have the right tools for any fluid transfer task.

Versatile Applications for Every Need

Our air-operated transfer pumps excel in various applications, demonstrating unparalleled adaptability. Whether you’re transferring diesel fuel to power your fleet, managing waste fluids with environmental care, or circulating various oils through industrial systems, Fuelgear’s pumps are engineered to perform. These solutions are crafted not just for efficiency but for seamless integration into your operations, ensuring that no matter the fluid, you have a pump capable of handling it with precision.

Reliability Through Top-Tier Brands

At Fuelgear, we understand that dependability is the foundation of effective fluid management. We’ve partnered with leading brands like Graco Husky and RAASM, renowned for their commitment to quality and performance. Graco Husky’s air-operated pumps are celebrated for their robust construction and consistent operation, while RAASM’s diaphragm pumps offer durability and flexibility for a wide range of fluids. By choosing Fuelgear, you’re investing in a reliable solution that will support your operations long-term.

Assured Safety and Compliance with ATEX-Certified Pumps

In environments where safety is paramount, our ATEX-certified RAASM air-operated fluid transfer pumps provide the assurance you need. These certifications are not just marks of quality; they are guarantees that your equipment is designed to operate safely in potentially explosive atmospheres or challenging conditions. This level of safety and compliance ensures that you can proceed confidently, knowing your operations are backed by pumps that meet the highest industry regulation standards.

Find The Right Air-Driven Pumps Today

Fuelgear stands at the forefront of fuel management innovation, offering a premier selection of air-driven pumps, air-operated transfer pumps and air-operated fluid transfer pumps designed to meet the most demanding industrial needs. By choosing Fuelgear, you align your operations with a partner dedicated to reliability, safety, and efficiency. 

Dive into our range of air-operated pumps today and experience the difference that quality and expertise bring to your fluid transfer processes. Let Fuelgear be the catalyst for elevating your operations to new heights of performance and compliance.

Explore Our Range of Products

Fuelgear offers a comprehensive selection of fuel management solutions designed to cater to diverse operational needs with efficiency, reliability, and safety at the forefront. Our product lineup includes:

Electric Fuel Transfer Pumps

Our electric fuel transfer pumps are engineered for precision and durability, providing a seamless and efficient fuel transfer experience. Ideal for many applications, these pumps ensure fast, reliable, and safe fuel dispensing every time.

Fuel Bowsers

Fuel bowsers from Fuelgear are the ultimate solution for mobile fuel storage and dispensing. Designed for versatility and ease of use, our fuel bowsers offer the flexibility to transport and deliver fuel wherever needed, ensuring operational efficiency and compliance with safety standards.

AdBlue Fuel Tanks

Our AdBlue fuel tanks are specifically designed for the storage and dispensing of AdBlue, a critical solution for reducing emissions from diesel engines. Featuring robust construction and innovative design, these tanks ensure that AdBlue is stored safely and dispensed cleanly, supporting your efforts in environmental stewardship.

Discover the Fuelgear difference today and find the perfect solution to meet your fuel management needs, enhancing the efficiency and safety of your operations.
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