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Air Operated Transfer Pumps for sale

At Fuelgear we offer a wide range of different electric diesel fuel transfer pumps for numerous applications and set ups for both mobile and static diesel tanks. These pumps can be fixed to walls, tanks or drums. Whether you are after a basic electrically operated diesel pump that just delivers your fuel consistently and reliably or whether you are after a system which offers fuel management capabilities to track your operator or vehicle usage, we have you covered.

We have a unique 12/24V Dual Voltage diesel transfer pump that can handle both 12V or 24V so whether it’ll be run off a ute or truck battery, the same pump can be used providing you flexibility and a pump with all round ability to handle both voltages.

The 12V offers a flow rate of up to 40L/min and the 24V option offering up to 75L/min. If you need a specific length of hose, flow meter or auto nozzle with your pump, we have you covered. With such a wide range of 12V, 24V 240V, diesel or petrol driven diesel fuel pumps available call our team today to discuss your Fuel transfer pump requirements on 1300 351 601.

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