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Fuelgear: Fuel Tank Filter Solutions

At Fuelgear, we provide state-of-the-art fuel filtration solutions to keep your diesel fuel clean and your equipment running smoothly. Our range of in-tank fuel filters, fuel tank filters, and diesel tank filters are engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency, ensuring your fuel system is protected from contaminants and water.

Ready to elevate your fuel quality and protect your equipment with our top-tier fuel filtration solutions? Explore our range of in-tank fuel filters, fuel tank filters, and diesel tank filters. Our experts are here to assist you in selecting the perfect filtration system for your needs.
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Essential Filtration Equipment for Your Fuel Tank: Optimise Your Diesel Performance

Ensuring your diesel remains uncontaminated and pure is crucial, and selecting the appropriate fuel tank filtration system is fundamental in protecting your machinery. The investment in a premium diesel tank filter system is negligible when considering the extensive costs and damages that could arise from substandard filtration.

The Necessity of High-Quality Filtration for Your Diesel Fuel System

With modern common rail diesel engines designed to operate within strict tolerances, the likelihood of fuel contamination issues becomes more pronounced. These advanced engines are particularly vulnerable to damage from contaminants, making high-quality fuel quality maintenance indispensable.

The Bulk Diesel Fuel Filter Kit

Our comprehensive Bulk Diesel Tank Filter Kit is crafted to offer unmatched protection against both contaminants and moisture. Equipped with a 10 Micron Filter, our kit achieves an impressive 99.5% efficiency, effectively filtering out 99.5% of particles sized 10 Micron or larger. This exceptional level of filtration ensures your diesel is shielded from a broad spectrum of harmful contaminants.

Our kit integrates a water-absorption component within the filter housing, capable of dealing with up to two cans of water. This dual-function filtration purifies your diesel and secures it against water intrusion, which is pivotal for maintaining optimal fuel quality and engine functionality.

Upgraded Protection with TRAP Breather

To enhance your diesel’s defence, our Diesel Tank Filter Kit is outfitted with a TRAP breather, ingeniously designed to be mounted on your tank’s top to block condensation or moisture ingress, thus preserving your diesel’s purity. When utilised alongside our pump packages, the included gauge in the kit alerts you when it’s time to replace the filter housing, ensuring your system remains protected and performs efficiently.

Reach Out for Tailored Advice

At Fuelgear, we’re proud to deliver peace of mind and operational excellence. With our unparalleled range of in-tank fuel filters, fuel tank filters, and diesel tank filter solutions, we empower your business to thrive by ensuring your fuel is clean and your equipment runs flawlessly. Trust Fuelgear’s expertise and innovation to protect your investment and enhance your performance. Join many satisfied customers who have elevated their fuel management systems with Fuelgear. 

Our expert team is available at 1300 351 601 or via email at We prioritise your diesel’s integrity and are dedicated to providing the solutions necessary to protect it.

Explore Our Range of Products

At Fuelgear, we’re dedicated to offering top-tier solutions for fuel management and transfer needs. Our product lineup is designed to cater to a wide range of applications, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. Discover the core elements of our range:

Fuel Spill Kit

Our fuel spill kits are essential for immediate response to fuel spills, minimising environmental impact and ensuring workplace safety. These kits contain all the necessary items to quickly contain and clean up fuel spills, making them indispensable for any fuel-handling operation.

Air-Driven Pumps

Air-driven pumps are a cornerstone of our product offering, providing a reliable and efficient solution for transferring liquids in various industrial settings. These pumps are known for their durability, performance, and ease of use, making them ideal for applications requiring safe and effective fluid movement.

Diesel Tanks

Our range of diesel tanks is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency. Available in various sizes and configurations, these tanks provide secure storage and easy access to diesel fuel, ensuring your fuel supply is managed effectively and safely.

Explore Fuelgear’s comprehensive product range to find the right solutions for your fuel management and transfer needs. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures you’ll find the best products to support your operations.
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Filtration Equipment for your Fuel Tank

Fuel tank or system filtration is critical in keeping your diesel free from contamination or water prior to it being filled into your equipment. The cost of a quality diesel filtration system to protect your equipment is insignificant compared to the damage no filtration or a poor filtration system could cost you.

With today’s common rail diesels more prone to fuel issues due to having a finer tolerance, don’t take any chances! Our bulk diesel fuel filter kit comes with a 10 Micron Filter that is 99.5% efficient meaning that it will stop 99.5% of particles that are 10 Micron or larger. Also incorporated in the same filter housing is a water absorbing element which will absorb up to 2 coke cans of water.

Our Diesel Fuel Filter Kit also come with a TRAP breather to mount at the top of your tank to prevent condensation or moisture getting into your storage tank. If you are using this kit with one of our pump packages, a gauge on the filter housing will provide an indication when the housing needs to be replaced. If you require more information, enquire today by calling 1300 351 601 or emailing our friendly team at to discuss your requirements further.

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