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Fuel tank or system filtration is critical in keeping your diesel free from contamination or water prior to it being filled into your equipment. The cost of a quality diesel filtration system to protect your equipment is insignificant compared to the damage no filtration or a poor filtration system could cost you.

With today’s common rail diesels more prone to fuel issues due to having a finer tolerance, don’t take any chances! Our bulk diesel fuel filter kit comes with a 10 Micron Filter that is 99.5% efficient meaning that it will stop 99.5% of particles that are 10 Micron or larger. Also incorporated in the same filter housing is a water absorbing element which will absorb up to 2 coke cans of water.

Our Diesel Fuel Filter Kit also come with a TRAP breather to mount at the top of your tank to prevent condensation or moisture getting into your storage tank. If you are using this kit with one of our pump packages, a gauge on the filter housing will provide an indication when the housing needs to be replaced. If you require more information, enquire today by calling 1300 351 601 or emailing our friendly team at to discuss your requirements further.

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