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Accurate Fuel Flow Meters Available in Australia

With a huge variety of Fuel Flow Meters available for purchase, Fuelgear will make your industrial needs easy. We stock many trusted brands which manufacture ULTRAFLO, PIUSI Diesel Flow Meters, FILLRITE Diesel Flow Meters and TCS Diesel Flow Meter; we ensure you get the best quality for your buying dollar. Stocking only the best digital diesel flow meters means you’ll be investing in a long-term solution for your warehouse, mining company, production plant or another industrial workplace – one that will monitor fuel levels for years to come and will provide consistent accuracy.

When you are measuring the flow of fuel in a workplace environment, you want the results to be consistent and reproducible – for the sake of safety and precision. The Fuel Flow Meter machine is compact and lightweight for easy transportation around the worksite. It is protected from wear and breakage from extended use, as there is no metal to metal contact in the chamber.

Our ULTRAFLO, TCS flow meters (among the other brands we stock) are used to measure all aspects of liquid compatibility, temperature, viscosity, flow rate, suspensions, pressure and solids – they also measure the pumping technology itself. For each one of your pumping tasks, you will receive a full scope of data.

Spare parts for your Fuel Flow Meter
Each product is paired with a stock of spare parts available in our online store. If for any reason you require a replacement part due to a defect or loss, it is more than easy to organise a repair to get your meters up and running again in no time. With readily available parts, you’ll experience minimal downtime or loss of productivity.

Contact us for more information
If you require assistance choosing the correct fuel meters for your specific applications, simply speak to our experts. Based in Melbourne and located all through Australia, we make it easy to find the best storage and transfer equipment depending on the size and scope of your warehouse, workshop, fuel system or project. You should take into consideration your personnel and other staff members, including their level of experience with calibration and maintenance. Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Professional in disposition, we are leaders in our field and ready to help you make the most informed choice. You can contact us here.

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