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Fuelgear offers an extensive range of portable fuel storage tanks, pumps and fittings. Whether it’ll be on site, in the yard, on the truck or ute, our self-bunded tanks ensure you can refuel your plant, vehicles or generators quickly and efficiently.

Selecting the right size fuel storage tank and pump to maximise efficiency and effectiveness in refuelling your equipment is critical. Ask our team! We can provide the right advice and select the solution that will not only meet your requirements but also meet your budget. We have both poly and steel, single skin or self bunded, compact or slimline designs to suit almost every application. Whether you need a portable fuel tank with pump or a static application, we have a number of different pump packages including fuel tank fittings & parts to fulfil the demands in the field or in your yard.

Our range includes Aluminium Filler Caps, Brass Hose Barbs, Gal Fittings, Strainers, Water Finding Paste and many more!

Call us today or email our team for the most reliable and consistent advice available in the industry to make ensure you can make the best call on your Diesel Storage system and dispensing package.

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