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Find the Best Diesel Tanks For Sale

Fuelgear stocks a huge variety of diesel storage tanks starting from portable 100L Polycubes to 115,700L Self Bunded Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks. 

Our Smallest diesel tanks are designed for mobile storage, providing safe refuelling options on the go. Our Largest diesel tanks are designed for static, bulk fuel storage. 

Our Diesel Storage Tanks can be supplied with customised dispensing systems, making them a complete fuel storage solution for transportation, mining, agricultural, farming, and other industries.

We stock a range of different Diesel Fuel Tanks including Polyethylene, Self Bunded, Single Ski, and a combo tank that can accommodate both AdBlue and diesel in the same tank.

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Secure Diesel Storage Tank Solutions

Having a reliable place to store diesel is key for any operation that relies on fuel. Our range of diesel storage tanks keeps your fuel safe and ready to use. Whether for farming, industrial, or transport use, we have the perfect diesel tanks for sale. 

The diesel tanks we have for sale are engineered to prevent contamination and maintain the quality of your diesel, protecting your machinery and vehicles. With options designed for ease of access and monitoring, you can effortlessly keep track of your fuel consumption. 

Plus, our robust diesel tanks are built to withstand harsh conditions, giving you confidence that your fuel is secure in any environment.

Choose the Right Diesel Tank

When buying a diesel tank, think about size, durability, and design. 

Our selection includes tanks of all sizes, from smaller poly diesel tanks for light use to large, sturdy diesel storage tanks for big operations.

Explore FuelGears now full range to make sure you’re fully equipped with everything you need.

Poly Diesel Tanks: Lightweight and Durable

For those who need something less heavy and easy to move, our poly diesel tanks are ideal. 

They’re tough, resist rust, and last a long time. They’re great for businesses that need to shift fuel to different spots often.

Our tank’s lightweight designs and secure, lockable lid make it the ideal portable choice for all your diesel transport requirements.

Why Choose Our Diesel Tanks?

  • Tough and Secure: Made to keep your diesel safe from leaks and theft.
  • Many Choices: From small to big tanks, we’ve got something for everyone.
  • Ready for Use: Easy to set up with pumps and fuel hose reels for immediate use.

Diesel Tanks Paired with the Right Equipment

Your diesel tank works best with the right gear. We have electric fuel pumps and kits that make refuelling easy and hoses to help manage fuel without any mess. 

We stock many different pumps and configurations for numerous applications and setups for both mobile and static diesel tanks. These refuelling pumps can be fixed to walls, tanks, or drums. 

Whether you’re after a basic electrically operated diesel pump that delivers your fuel consistently and reliably or after a system that offers fuel management capabilities to track your operator or vehicle usage, we have you covered.

Self-Bunded Diesel Tanks For Sale: Double the Protection

For extra safety, our self-bunded diesel tanks have two layers – this means that if one layer gets damaged, your diesel stays safe.

Don’t Forget About AdBlue Tanks

If you use diesel, you might also need AdBlue to reduce emissions. We have AdBlue tanks that can sit alongside your diesel tanks for a complete fuel solution.

AdBlue is a highly corrosive liquid and must be stored and transported carefully. Our AdBlue Storage Tanks make sure that the stored AdBlue is always in an optimum temperature range. 

We stock both portable and static options for AdBlue.

Get Your Diesel Tank Today

A good diesel tank keeps your operation running smoothly. 

With our variety of diesel tanks for sale, you’ll find one that fits your needs and budget. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with a secure, well-built fuel storage system.

Manage your fuel smartly, safely, and efficiently with Fuelgear. Ready to find the perfect diesel tank? Browse our selection and make the right choice for your fuel storage needs today.

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