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Single Skin Diesel Tanks for sale

Fuelgear stocks a variety of Single Skin Diesel Storage Tanks. Our Single Skin Tanks are an economical and cost-effective solution for diesel storage. From Farm Refuellers to Utes, we stock a huge range of Tanks. Our sizes range from 100L all the way up to 18,500L, giving you various sizes and storage solutions.

Explore our range of Single Skin Diesel Storage Tanks to find –

  1. Farm Refuellers Single Skin Diesel Fuel Tanks
  2. Heavy-Duty Farm Refueller Single Skin Diesel Fuel Tanks
  3. POLYCUBE Ute Diesel Tank with Premium Pump Kits
  4. POLYCUBES with High Flow Pump Kits

What is a Single Skin Tank?

Single Skin Tanks are tanks that hold fuel within a single layer of material; generally plastic or steel. Single Skin Storage Tanks have a straightforward construction and are generally economical and easier to install when compared to other Fuel Storage Tanks.

However, in order to meet compliance requirements, Single Skin Tanks may need to be stored inside an external bund or spill containment equipment. This is done in order to ensure there is minimal environmental damage in case of a spill or a rupture.

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