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5 Digit V/R Mechanical Register Head 1/1

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This rugged, precise mechanical meter register is designed for all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. This register totalizes and displays high-speed deliveries and transactions in large, easy-to-read figures. It features a highly visible display, bullet proof construction, and accurate readings up to 99,999,999 units.

The 7887 Meter Register totalizes and displays high speed deliveries and transactions in large easy-to-read figures. Displays a 5 digit resettable totalizer and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer. Optional 6 digit resettable totalizer and 8 digit non-resettable totalizer available with the 7886 Meter Register.

The Veeder-Root 7887 Meter Register is the outstanding choice for recording and displaying delivery data in a wide variety of industries. In the petroleum refining and distribution field, it is used from the well to pipelines and storage centers, then to gasoline and fuel oil delivery trucks. In the chemical processing field, it can be used for displaying totals during mixing and batching operations.

Ideal for increased efficiency in all kinds of liquid inventory and delivery operations. Utilizing a geared drive available in a wide selection of ratios, the Meter Register records in practically any unit of liquid measure – gallons, liters, barrels, etc. – as well as non-liquid units.

Special optional adaptors are available to mate the Meter Register with all standard meters and pumps. It also easily combines with Veeder-Root Meter Preset and Printer to form a complete count, control and print system.

Finished in corrosion resistant epoxy, the sturdy housing protects the Meter Register in demanding environments and extremes in weather.

7888 Ticket Printer

Meter Register and Ticket Printer combine to produce clean, detailed printed records of high-speed fluid deliveries and transactions.

Two models are available: Accumulative and Zero Start. The Accumulative Printer, before delivery, prints the total remaining from the previous delivery. After delivery, the total accumulated at that point is printed. The amount just delivered is found by subtracting the previous total from the accumulated total. Zero start models first print zeros. The total printed after delivery is the actual amount of the transaction.

7889 Counter with Preset

The Meter Register and Preset Counter provide automatic preset batch control. The control function will shut-off (2-stage) when predetermined quantity is delivered.

The rugged two-stage preset quantity control for high speed volume deliveries. Counts down from a preset quantity. First stage knockoff slows delivery before the second stage shuts off the delivery system at zero. The first stage (or slowdown) knockoff can be field adjusted to calculate 3 to 9, or from 10 to 90 in increments of 10.

Preset number can be easily set with one hand. Stop button provides immediate positive control of shutoff, for emergency shutdown. Interlocks block system until pump valve is opened. Mechanical knockoff is standard, electrical knockoff optional. Available in 4 or 5 figures. The 7887 register counter is required for operation.

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