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BLUEQUIP AdBlue® Cubes With Standard Pump Kits


Models Available
100L Bluequip Polycube (800L x 680L x 465H) 30KG

200L Bluequip Polycube (1150L x 820L x 465H) 39KG

400L Bluequip Polycube (1150L x 820L x 780H) 45KG

440L Bluequip Polycube (1700L x 880W x 740H) 65Kg

800L Bluequip Polycube (1700L x 1000L x 860H) 77KG

1000L Bluequip Polycube (1700L x 1000L x 1025H) 85KG

Shipping costs subject to change based on tank requirements.

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The Bluequip AdBlue Cubes are small AdBlue Storage Ute Tanks perfect for mobile storage of AdBlue in small amounts. Our AdBlue Ute Tanks come with a 12V Pump, 4M of Hose and a Manual Nozzle with an option to include a Flow Meter as well.

The Bluequip AdBlue Cube is available in a range of sizes, starting from 100L to 1000L. These AdBlue Ute tanks are ideal for use in farms or for commercial applications where quick dispatch of Fuel is a priority.

  • Kit includes: 12V Pump, 4M of Hose & Manual Nozzle
  • Optional: Flow Meter

Please Note: AdBlue Models come with a White Lid

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