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FLOMAX Nozzles & Receivers


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Flomax Fuel Nozzles connect to all standard fuel receivers. The FN600 fuel nozzle has latching dogs and the FNBL fuel nozzle uses a ball lock design. Both nozzles come with an optional ball bearing 1 ½” NPT swivel. An available plug is specially designed to seal out dirt and contaminants and is attached with a S/B 1/8″ coated wire lanyard. A patented removable piston assembly allows the cylinder to be easily removed for rebuilding. Nozzles can be performance adapted to specific user requirements.

FLOMAX Fuel Receivers are designed with an enclosed stem spring that provides a smooth fuel flow path. This extends both the life of the receiver and the fuel nozzle. All FloMAX fuel receivers are compatible with the industry-standard fuel nozzles

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