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FUELBOX Portable Fuel Storage Tanks

Models Available
Fuelbox Portable 13,000L 3950L x 2200W x 2500H
Fuelbox Portable 17,000L 4717L x 2200W x 2500H
Fuelbox Portable 5000L 1951L x 2200W x2500H
Fuelbox Portable13,000L 3950L x 2200W x 2500H

Price on application, please submit a product enquiry.
Shipping costs subject to change based on tank requirements.


The FUELBOX Portable Fuel Storage Tanks are unique self-bunded Diesel Storage Tanks designed for transport and civil construction depots. These tanks are specifically designed with a small footprint in order to make it portable and easy for transportation. This also decreases the installation costs. The FUELBOX Portable Storage Tank is a very low maintenance tank that saves you both time and money. These Fuel storage tanks come with a secure lockable pump bay, making spillage negligible. You can customize your FUELBOX Tank with pumping equipment and tank gauging.

  • Self-bunded Diesel Static storage tank specifically designed with small footprint with space being a premium in transport & civil construction depots.
  • Minimal installation costs and low maintenance saves both your time & money
  • Secure lockable pump Bay
  • Flexible options with pumping equipment & tank gauging
  • FB-PFSB economy option available without enclosed pump Bay.

Our FUELBOX Portable Fuel Storage Tanks come in 5 different sizes – 5000L, 10,000L, 13,000L, 15,000L & 20,000L.

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