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FUELMASTER 4800L Poly Diesel Tank

The FUELMASTER 4800L Poly Diesel Tank is meticulously designed to excel in secure fuel storage, efficient dispensing, and diesel fuel protection.

Renowned for its exceptional features, the FUELMASTER 4800L Poly Diesel Tank boasts a robust 240V pump, capable of delivering 72 litres per minute (lpm), a cutting-edge digital flowmeter, and an integrated motion sensor light for enhanced user convenience.

Whether you represent a business in need of a dependable diesel storage and dispensing solution or an individual seeking top-notch fuel security, the FUELMASTER 4800L Poly Diesel Tank delivers the performance and functionality you expect.

  • 240V 72 L/min Pump
  • Digital flowmeter included
  • Motion sensor light for enhanced usability
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Key Features of the FUELMASTER 4800L Poly Diesel Tank:

  1. Environmentally conscious design featuring a bunded construction for spill prevention.
  2. Precision-driven operation facilitated by an advanced digital flowmeter for precise monitoring.
  3. Improved fuel quality ensured by a 10 micron particle and water filter, promoting cleaner fuel usage.
  4. Enhanced usability and safety with the addition of a new motion sensor light.
  5. Elevated security with lockable doors to safeguard your valuable fuel resources.
  6. Convenient fuel dispensing with a 6-meter hose equipped with an automatic nozzle and nozzle holder.
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