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FUELTAINER Self Bunded Bulk Fuel Storage Tanks

Models Available
11,800L FUELTAINER 2,991 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H), 5,250KG
30,500L FUELTAINER 6,058 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H), 8,150KG
69,000L FUELTAINER 12,192 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H), 13,800KG
82,500L FUELTAINER 14,630 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H),  14,800KG
100,000L FUELTAINER 15,812 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 3,200 (H), 17,300KG
115,700L FUELTAINER 15,812 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 3,550 (H), 19,300KG

Price on application, please submit a product enquiry.
Shipping costs subject to change based on tank requirements.


The FUELTAINER Self Bunded Bulk Diesel Storage Tanks have become a go-to for many industries due to their minimal installation costs and low maintenance. These Tanks are Large Diesel Tanks yet flexible and can be custom-built according to your refuelling needs. These tanks can also be combined to hold both Diesel and AdBlue inside one integrated system. The FUELTAINER Self Bunded Diesel Tanks provide the best storage and fluid management technology in the refuelling solutions industry.
The FUELTAINER Self Bunded Diesel Tanks have a range of features :

  • Self bunded diesel static storage tank specifically designed to handle larger fuel storage requirements
  • We also offer the popular combo of diesel and AdBlue integrated into the one system
  • Minimal installation costs and low maintenance saves you time and money
  • Secure lockable pump bay
  • All tanks have rounded corners on the roof to provide extra strength in the construction but more importantly   does not allow debris or water pooling in the corners
  • Floor drains to low point at front of the tank for water removal
  • Can be transported by standard trucks, trains or container handling equipment without cranes
  • All tanks are ISO standard shipping container design (10’, 20’, 40’ & 48’) and are built in accordance with all Australian Standards including AS1940, AS1692, AS1657 & UL Approvals
  • Ideally suited for use in industries such as fuel distribution, power generation, military transport, aviation & construction

The FUELTAINER Bulk Fuel Storage Tank is available in 6 different sizes – 11,800L ; 30,500L ; 69,000 ; 82,500L ; 100,000L & 115,700L

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Additional information

Weight16000 kg
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