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FUELTAINER Self Bunded Combo Diesel & AdBlue Tanks

  • Self bunded diesel & AdBlue static storage tank specifically designed to handle larger fuel storage requirements
  • Minimal installation costs and low maintenance saves you time and money
  • Secure lockable pump bay
  • All tanks have rounded corners on roof to provide extra strength in the construction but more importantly   does not allow debris or water pooling in the corners
  • Floor drains to low point at front of the tank for water removal
  • Can be transported by standard trucks, trains or container handling equipment without cranes
  • All tanks are ISO standard shipping container design (10’, 20’, 40’ & 48’) and are built in accordance with all Australian Standards including AS1940, AS1692, AS1657 & UL Approvals
  • Ideally suited for use in industries such as fuel distribution, power generation, military transport, aviation & construction

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Models Available
24,650L Diesel & 4,700 AdBlue FUELTAINER 6,058 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H), 8,300L
59,900L Diesel & 7,000 AdBlue FUELTAINER 12,192 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H), 14,315L
72,955L Diesel & 7,310 AdBlue FUELTAINER 14,630 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 2,896 (H), 16,541L
87,710L Diesel & 10,526 AdBlue FUELTAINER 14,630 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 3,200 (H), 17,835L
100,062L Diesel & 10,525 AdBlue FUELTAINER 14,630 (L) x 2,438 (W) x 3,550 (H), 18,893L

Price on application, please submit a product enquiry.
Shipping costs subject to change based on tank requirements.

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