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Graco Husky Air Operated Diesel Transfer Pumps




The GRACO Husky Air Operated Diesel Transfer Pump is one of the most reliable and efficient Diesel Transfer Pumps in the Australian market. These Air Operated Diesel Pumps have a rugged build to ensure there is no corrosion at all. The GRACO Husky Air Operated Diesel Pumps are designed to last for a long time without any decrease in productivity or efficiency. They have a flow rate of up to 300 GPM (1135 LPM). The GRACO Husky Air Operated Diesel Pump has fewer parts than all its competitors. The complete air valve can be externally accessible making it much easier to get serviced and to be maintained. Moreover, the stall-free, low pulsation air valve provides a rapid changeover for increased efficiency and lesser downtime. These pumps are also suitable for unleaded petrol!

  • Size Range: 3/4″ to 3″
  • Also suitable for unleaded fuel transfer
  • 1:1 ratio diaphragm pumps & 2:1 ratio piston pumps available

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Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions N/A
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