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SmartFill Fuel Management System


  • The SmartFill Fuel Management System is easy to use and easy to set up which makes it a robust, modular system that you can rely on!
  • No cloud-based technology, no ongoing costs, no pc software needed
  • Our three design principles keep fuel flowing and ensures that every drop is recorded to make accounting and fuel management easy
  • Known to outlast the bowsers they were originally attached to. The Smartfill Diesel Fuel Management System units have proven reliability to survive hot, cold,  dusty, windy, salty environments, floods, fires and even being accidentally run over by heavy equipment
  • Data is recorded instantly online, with no need for special  software (and it’s FREE to access)
  • Inside, the components are easy to install if required
  • Click-in and click-out design requires no special technical skills
  • Control up to 4 fuel/oil dispensers, all delivering simultaneously
  • This Diesel Management System Records fuel use for up to 2000 vehicles
  • Records the past 5000 fuel issues in memory
  • Uses secure vehicle keys and driver PIN or keys to control access to fuel
  • Restrict fuel usage by volume per vehicle/driver and/or time
  • All data is stored securely in the unit and can be automatically uploaded to a secure website after each transaction
  • Multiple communication options available for uploading data  to the website: WiFi, 3G and Ethernet
  • Large easy to read, color LCD display
  • Can be configured and is continuously monitored remotely via the website
  • Modular design allows for rapid installation and repair
  • The system can be used as a “preset” delivery system. This is ideal for lube trucks or workshop lube dispensing systems
  • Suits just about any fuel bowser or bulk flow-meter
  • Housed in a tough, weatherproof enclosure. High quality lock and stainless steel door hinges, for use in all weather  conditions outdoors. Enclosure rating is IP66
  • Extensive professional network of support
  • Optional interface to other systems’ tank gauging

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Additional information

Weight25 kg
Dimensions60 × 30 × 30 cm
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